Water Accumulation In Trunk

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Various Warning Lamps caused by Water Accumulation in Trunk

Vehicles concerned

E60, E61 5 Series


Several malfunctions concerning different features throughout the vehicle. Depending on the equipment level of the vehicle, the malfunctions usually occur within certain modules of the vehicle. Usually the Park Distance Control, Electronic Height Control, Micro Power Module, RDC or Tire Pressure Monitoring, Electronic Damper Control and various relays installed with those modules previously listed. Other complaints that usually occur are problems with the MOST bus operation that can be seen as malfunctions with the radio or information display, communication faults throughout the vehicle due to low operating voltages and possibly high battery draw messages displayed.


Under the spare tire area are various electronic modules and relays installed in foam. Somehow water has entered the vehicle through a body seam, seal or container placed in the trunk that contained a liquid that leaked. The liquid has accumulated at the bottom of the spare tire well soaking the control modules and relays in a pool of liquid. The modules and relays once exposed to water begin to intermittently malfunction causing various warning messages or fail completely.


Determine how the water has entered the vehicle, whether from outside influences or by an item placed in the trunk. Check all trunk body seams and seals if the vehicle has recently had bodywork. Verify correct fitment or adjustment of trunk body panels to make sure the vehicle is sealed to prevent further water intrusion. Water test the vehicle after checking condition of seals, seams and body adjustments. A water test can consist of running the vehicle through a car wash, spraying the vehicle with a pressure washer or garden hose to check for leaks. If any leaks are found at this time they will need to be repaired before the electronics in the spare wheel well are. All of the control modules and relays submerged in the liquid will have to be replaced and encoded. Be sure to thoroughly clean all the connectors and pins of the control modules and relays to prevent further corrosion.

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