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BMW Siemens MSS52 for S62 on M5


MSS52DS0 uses the DS2 over K-line at 9600 protocol and is located at bus address 0x12

Supported Features

  • Identification
  • Fault Codes
  • Erase Fault Codes
  • Actual Values
  • Activations
  • Commands


MSS52DS0 supports the following activations:
  • Injector valve cylinder 1
    • Warning: Activation test cannot be stopped once started!
  • Injector valve cylinder 2
  • Injector valve cylinder 3
  • Injector valve cylinder 4
  • Injector valve cylinder 5
  • Injector valve cylinder 6
  • Tank Ventilation
  • Relay fuel pump
  • Engine Fan
    • Warning: This function will start the engine fan, make sure fan is clear of obstructions!


MSS52DS0 supports the following commands:
  • Delete Adaptation Values

Please refer to the commands page for detailed info.

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