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(Control Module Replacement)
(Control Module Replacement)
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a used control module may be adapted to differant car. Stay tunned for updates.
a used control module may be adapted to differant car. Stay tunned for updates.

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The Siemens MSD80 DME is used on N54 Bi-Turbo 6 cylinder 3.0 liter BMW engines used in the following models:

  • E89 - 135i
  • E90 - 335i
  • E60 - 535i
  • E70 - X5 3.5i
  • E71 - X6 3.5i
  • F01 - 740i

MSD80 has been replaced by MDS81. MSD81 is essentially the same as the MSD80 but also includes the ability to detect manipulation to the control module by outside tuner boxes. This documentation is valid for MSD81 as well.


As with all DME module MSD80 is at Hex Address 0x12. MSD80 is a major component of the CAN-Drive network communications baud rate is 500kbps. When accessing this control module through Bavarian technic the CAN bus is routed through the KGM (Body Gateway Module) on E60, or JBBF (Junction Box Module) on E90, E89, and E71 Since E89, and E90 up to 2008 are still K-line based communications baud rates are downgraded to 115,200 baud by the junction box module.

This control module does have the ability to enter sleep mode, so while performing long diagnostic operations the flasher should 
be turned on.


MSD80 is located in the E-Box on the right side firewall bulkhead. To access the E-Box the 2 covers must be removed.


MSD80 supports the following activations:
  • Blower
  • Secondary air injection
  • Fuel tank ventilation valve
  • Map cooling
  • Fuel pump
  • Radiotor shutter
  • Waterpump delivery rate
  • E-box fan
  • Exhaust gas valve
  • DMTL
  • Variabele intake system
  • MIL
  • EML
  • Start relay
  • Throttle valve
  • Generator


MSD80 supports the following commands:
  • Reset air control adjustment
  • Reset knock control adaptation
  • Reset lambda adaptaion
  • Reset intake manifold adaptation
  • Reset throttle valve adapation
  • Reset fuel/air adaptation
  • Reset secondary air injection adaptation
  • Battery replacement adaptation
  • Reset octane rating adaptation
  • Reset variant learning adaptation
  • Reset VVT adaptation
  • Reset vanos adaptation
  • Reset running time

Condition Based Service

MSD80 supports Condition Based Service from the CBS menu. This control module monitors the oil change service. Spark plugs and air filter replacement while monitored in these models are not contained in the DME. These components are measured from the instrument cluster.


MSD80 does not have any codable values.

Control Module Replacement

Since this control module contains VIN specific informaiton when replacing this control unit it must be programmed with SSS (Software Service Station) Bavarian Technic is working on a way to replace the VIN specific data so that a used control module may be adapted to differant car. Stay tunned for updates.

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