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Condition Based Service (CBS)

Condition Based Service (CBS) is an intelligent system that keeps track of each maintenance component and tells the driver when the next service is due. CBS is supported on:

  • E60
  • E65
  • E70
  • E90

Please refer to the CBS page for detailed information.

Service Interval Reset

Service Reset Indicator (SRI) is the service reminder system used on previous generation vehicles.

  • E46
  • E39
  • E53
  • E83
  • E85

Bavarian Technic

To reset the service reminder with Bavarian Technic:

  1. Select your model and any options from the lists.
  2. Expand the instrument cluster.
  3. Select the Commands function.
  4. Click Send to reset the applicable service reminder.

Manual Reset

  1. With the ignition off, press and hold the trip meter reset or set/reset button on the instrument cluster.
  2. While holding the trip meter reset or set/reset button, turn the ignition to position 1.
  3. Wait for the instrument cluster to signal a “RESET” request, then release and immediately press and hold the trip meter reset or set/reset button.
  4. The service interval reset has now been initiated; "RESET" will now begin to flash.
  5. Quickly press the trip meter reset button to reset the S.I. to the next service due.
  6. Switch the ignition off then back on to verify that five green bars or correct mileage is displayed.
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