Rear Lamps and Trunk Lock Actuator Malfunction

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Vehicle concerned

  • E46 3 Series Sedan

Rear lamps inoperative with bulb warning illuminated and/or trunk lock actuator malfunctions.


Intermittent operation of the rear license plate lamps and trunk lid lock actuator. Rear lamp warnings displayed in the instrument cluster. Trunk lid actuator release button inoperative at trunk lid. Unable to open the trunk lid from the exterior of the vehicle. Possible faults stored for the trunk lid lock actuator operation.


The intermittent operations are caused by broken and/or shorted wires within the wiring harness from the body to the trunk lid. At the pivot point of the trunk lid, some vehicles experience stress on the wiring harness causing the wiring to break. Intermittent connections or shorting to other broken wires may occur within the rubber grommet holding the wiring harness.


Repair the broken wires in the wiring harness; wrap the wiring harness at the repair point to prevent further fatigue on the wiring harness. Check the operation of all the lamps and the trunk lock actuator; it is possible that a fuse could have blown when the wiring shorted together.

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