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Portable Navigation Unit

  • E90 3 Series

Cradle Installation

There are two different types of installation kits. The first kit involves drilling holes in the dash of the vehicle to mount the bracket for the portable navigation unit. The updated kit allows for the installation of the mounting bracket underneath the dash wood trim, so no drilling into the dash is required.

For the earlier kit it is required to use the mounting bracket centered above the hazard switch, mark the five holes with an awl, four for mounting the bracket and one for the wiring harness. It is a good idea to protect the dash area underneath and around the mounting bracket with masking tape when marking and drilling the holes in the dash.

After the mount bracket holes are marked, drill the mounting holes with a 3mm drill bit and the wiring harness hole with a 5mm drill bit. Once the holes are drilled the wood trim, radio and climate control panel can be removed. Now run the nav. wiring through the mounting bracket and through the dash. Install the mounting bracket to the dash and install the connector on the wiring.

  • Pin 1– Red
  • Pin2 - Black

The early installation kits include a wiring harness that allows earlier models to connect to the radio wiring harness connector. Later kits require that scotch lock connectors are used to connect wiring to the CAS control module harness.

Radio harness installation

Begin by disconnecting the battery. From the radio connector remove the lock, and then remove pins:

  • 12 – Brown
  • 15 – Red/Green

Install these two pins in the 4-pin connector provided with the portable nav. Installation kit.

  • In pin 1 install the Red/Green wire
  • In pin 2 install the Brown wire

The other two openings in the connector will remain empty. Next install the lock cover on the 4-pin connector. Now from the wiring harness supplied with the install kit, install the wiring and pins into the radio connector

  • Install Black wire in pin location 12 of radio connector
  • Install Red wire in pin location 15 of radio connector

Connect the 4-pin harness and cradle wiring together and reconnect the harness to the radio and test the operation of the navigation unit.

CAS harness installation

With the battery disconnected, run the wiring harness for the portable Nav. Unit along the vehicle harness to the CAS module. Locate the large connector on the CAS module. Isolate the pins/wiring of the large CAS connector as follows:

  • Pin 8 - Green
  • Pin 12 – Brown/Black

Collect the scotch lock connectors

  • Connect the Red wire of portable Nav. Unit wiring harness to Pin 8 Green wire of the CAS harness.
  • Connect the Black wire of the portable Nav. Unit wiring harness to Pin 12 Brown/Black wire of the CAS harness.

Reassemble the vehicle and install the Nav. Unit on the cradle and test the operation.

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