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Each control module supports identification. Identification is the basic information that identifies the control module.

Identification Data

The following information can be seen from the identification screen:

  • BMW Part Number

Part number stored in the control module. This may or may not match the part number on the control module or in the parts catalog. Sometimes the part number is the software part number of the control module.

  • Hardware Number

Hardware number is an index used to identify the type and version of the control module.

  • Coding Index

Coding index is the number used to determine the coding data that may be used on the control module. When one module is different than the previous version, the coding index is changed.

  • Diagnostic Index

The diagnostic index is a number used to determine diagnostic type.

  • Bus Index

The bus index is the communications bus that the control module particpates in.

  • Week Manufacture

The week the control module was made.

  • Year Manufacture

The year the control module was made.


Note: Not all modules include the same list of data, but most conform to this list.

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