How the Program Works

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How the Program Works

With the release of the diagnostic software for BMW, Bavarian Technic launches a completely new software platform. The platform has three main components:

  1. The “framework”
  2. The “car files”
  3. The “ECU files”

The Framework is the core of the new software. It maintains control over all other components of the tool including the car files, ECU files, user interface, and communication with the standard interface cable and car. The Framework gets information from the Car files to reference control units associated with chassis types and models. It also gets information from the ECU files so it can communicate effectively with the many control units supported by BMW automobiles.

Each BMW chassis type – and each model built upon each chassis type – comes equipped with a number of electronic control units. The car files are simple XML files that list supported electronic control units for each chassis type and/or model. The framework uses the car files to reference the Bavarian Technic ECU files.

The ECU files are XML files that contain control unit address information, unit ID and descriptions, possible fault codes and descriptions, activation options, and other ECU-specific details. The Framework uses the information in the ECU files to connect to the control unit. The Bavarian Technic user interface displays some of the information contained in the ECU file, such as fault code descriptions.

With the introduction of this software platform, Bavarian Technic can support a greater number of control units in a wider range of cars at a faster pace of release.

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