E60 Windshield Washer Pump Inoperative

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Windshield Washer Pump Inoperative

E60 5 Series


The windshield washers are inoperative but the windshield wipers still activate when attempting to actuate windshield washers. A slight noise can be heard from the left front lower bumper area when actuating windshield washers.


A few components can be the cause of this complaint. A faulty windshield washer pump, wiring integrity or a defective Basic Body Module that is responsible for providing voltage to the washer pump. To determine the faulty component begin by checking for voltage at the washer pump. There are only two wires at the pump, the power supply and ground, so checking the voltage is fairly easy. Next begin by connecting a breakout box to the farthest left connector of the Basic Body Module. Check whether voltage is present at pin 36 when activating the windshield washers. The power supply wire integrity can also be checked at this time, from pin 36 to the washer pump. If the washer pump connector is disconnected or the pump is shorted the Basic Body Module will deactivate the voltage to the pump. There will be very little voltage present only on the initial activation of the washer pump after the ignition is cycled. On the initial activation after the key is cycled, 1.5 volts will be present for half a second, and then any activation afterwards will produce no voltage on that circuit until the ignition is cycled again.


Depending on the results of diagnosis, replace or repair the faulty component whether it is the wiring, washer pump or Basic Body Module. If the Basic Body Module requires replacement it will need to be programmed after replacement. The washer pump is located in the washer reservoir located in the left front lower bumper in front of the wheel/tire. The Basic Body Module is located behind the glovebox above the SGM/ZGM. In order to remove the Basic Body Module the fuse carrier accessible through the glovebox will have to be loosened and slid forward. The RH lower dash trim will have to be removed, there is one screw hidden under the carpeted trim on the side of the center console. The carpeted trim is slid to the rear disengaging the holding tabs and can be removed from between the seat and center console. The SGM/ZGM will also have to be removed from the RH lower dash in order to give access to the Basic Body Module. The SGM/ZGM can be identified by the yellow connectors and fiber optic cables.

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