Dynamic Traction Control

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Dynamic traction control is a function of the DSC. DTC is used in situations where some wheel slip is needed, for example when driving in snowy conditions. This will allow the tires to slip enough to gain traction and momentum to get the vehicle moving on slick conditions. When DTC is active, DSC is still active but its control is modified to lessen interventions. DTC increases traction by locking up specific wheels to allow the ones with more traction the torque to move the vehicle. The DTC button can also be used to completely deactivate DSC. If the DTC button is pressed quickly, less than 3 seconds, DTC mode is activated with limited DSC interventions. The DTC lamp is illuminated indicating operation. If the DTC button is pressed for a short period of time, more than 3 seconds, DSC is completely deactivated. No DSC intervention will occur. DSC can be reactivated by quickly pressing the DTC button.

The DTC button is located in the center console on E60, 61, 63, 64 and E83 vehicles.

On E90, 91, 92, 93, 82 and E88 vehicles the DTC button is located in the center of the dash between the center vents.

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