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Coding on BMW/Mini vehicles is the process of editing or setting the configurable parameters of the control module. Many types of modules may contain coding information. This information is stored in non-volatile RAM (NVRAM). Coding can be used to set or configure vehicle options or parameters. When the vehicle is manufactured the coding of all control modules is set at the factory. As control modules are replaced they need to be coded to match the cars configuration. Coding of control modules can be very complex, with many possible options. Bavarian Technic supports coding on many control modules and also has the ability to copy the coding information from one control module to another.


Control Module Identification

Before a control module can be coded using Bavarian Technic, the control module must be positively identified. The positive identification process looks at the part number and coding index to determine what coding options apply to the control module. When Bavarian Technic cannot positively identify the control module coding changes cannot be made. When this happens users can submit a report to Bavarian Technic with the part number and coding index and this can be used to add additional coding features for the control module. The coding index of the control module can always be found on the upper right corner of the coding screen.

Backing up and Restoring Coding

When selecting coding in Bavarian Technic, and the control module is positively identified you will have the option to Backup or Restore the coding of the control module. This allows you to save the the coding information contained in the control module into a file that can be used later to write this data to the same control module or a replacement module. The files are saved in an XML file format and are not encrypted so users can examine the coding data if needed. To prevent coding errors the backup files can only be restored to the same coding index that the file was read from. This is useful when working on a problematic control module and replacement part for testing is available. The original coding can be saved from both control modules than the module replaced, and restored with the coding from the original control module. Backup files should also be made before making any coding changes. This will act as a safeguard if problems occur allowing the user to revert to the original coding by restoring the backup.


Coding Options

Bavarian Technic also allows the user to change individual codable options. Making changes to the coding will change the option in NVRAM. Some control modules will not use the newly coded parameter until the control module is reset. You can reset the control module from the commands window. While there are many values that can be coded the most popular items are Daytime running lights, coming home feature, units of measure (changing miles to KM, or KM to miles).


Car Key Memory

The coding screen also allows the user to edit options of Car Key Memory (CKM). This allows different vehicle behavior for each key that is used. Defaults for new keys can also be set.

Advanced Coding Options

Bavarian Technic has the ability to add some advanced coding options that may not be available in the factory systems. If you know of some type of option that you would like to set and think it might be a codable option please contact Bavarian Technic with your request.

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