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Car Information Computer

The Car Information Computer is now a HDD based component. The CIC is the gateway for the MOST bus. Some of the components on the MOST bus have been consolidated into one componet making the CIC. The navigation maps are stored directly on the hard drive for quicker access. Desciptions of the vehicles features are stored on the CIC, enabling quick access to information on how certain functions operate within the vehicle. An 8GB section is dedicated for music files that can be loaded via CDs, MP3 players and USB devices. The vehicle now has the ability to copy audio CDs directly to the CICs internal hard drive also called “ripping”. The CIC has a backup feature, where as a music collection is stored in the CIC, it can be copied back to a USB stick, in case an issue occurs with the CIC. Data backup should always be performed before any vehicle reprogramming or control unit replacement.

It is possible to access the Service Mode in the CIC. The procedure for accessing the service mode is different of that for the CCC.

Begin by bringing up the Start menu.

  • Press the controller in the up position for at least 10 seconds.
  • Turn the controller 3 clicks to the right
  • Turn the controller 3 clicks to the left
  • Turn the controller 1 click to the right
  • Turn the controller 1 click to the left
  • Turn the controller 1 click to the right
  • Finish by pressing the controller down once.
  • Now another submenu should be displayed in the Settings screen.

In the Service Mode menu various information about navigation and telephone services are displayed.

  • CIC Software Reset

There is another feature that allows for a software reset of the CIC. By pressing and holding the “ON” button found on the CIC for more than 25 seconds will initiate a software reset of the CIC. The audio is also muted for approximately 2 seconds while the reset is being performed.

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