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Condition Based Service

Condition Based Service (CBS) is an intelligent system that keeps track of each maintenance component and tells the driver when the next service is due.

Chassis that have CBS

  • E65
  • E60
  • E90
  • E70

Support Systems

  • Oil Condition
  • Front Brake Pads
  • Rear Brake Pads
  • Brake Fluid
  • Interior Air Filter
  • Spark Plug (on gasoline engines)
  • Particle Filter (on diesel engines)
  • Vehicle Check (optional)
  • Emissions Inspection (optional)

Note: Not all items are available on every model.

Resetting Condition Based Service

Bavarian Technic

Using Bavarian Technic, simply click on the CBS button and you will see the following screen:


This display shows the service item followed by the number of times the item was serviced shown in parentheses.

For example:
Condition Engine Oil (1) 86% would mean the oil has been changed 1 time and there is 86% time and distance remaining.

If CBS is not reset at the time the service is done, the CBS values may need to be adjusted accordingly.

CBS values can be adjusted using Bavarian Technic. To adjust values, click on the adjust value button. You can enter in the service number and the remaining percentage.

The vehicle displays both time and distance until the next service for each component. Though internally these values are stored as a simple percentage, when adjusting values consideration of both time and distance should be taken into account.

Manual Reset

CBS can be reset without a computer by following these instructions

For E90 and E60 vehicles:

  1. Switch on the ignition
  2. Press and hold the trip meter button for 10 seconds until the 1st maintenance service appears.
  3. Select the maintenance operation requesting to reset with the rocker switch on the turn signal stalk.
  4. To reset, press the BC button on the turn signal stalk until “RESET” appears.
  5. By pressing and holding the BC button on the turn signal stalk, the selected maintenance will be reset.
  6. When resetting an icon of a clock will appear.
  7. The operation is complete when a checked icon has appeared next to the word “RESET".

For E70 Vehicles:

  1. With the ignition on, press and hold the trip meter reset button.
  2. Select the service item to reset with trip meter reset button.
  3. When the service due has been selected, hold the trip meter reset button, "RESET?" will appear.
  4. Release trip meter button, then immediately press and hold trip meter reset button to reset the selected service due.
  5. While reseting all "----" will appear, then new service intervals will be displayed.

Note: CBS values cannot be adjusted manually. They can only be adjusted by using Bavarian Technic or the BMW factory equipment.

Related Systems

Automatic Transmission Fluid Quality

Bavarian Technic

The GS19 automatic transmission also has a fluid quality monitor that can be reset. This system is not part of CBS and will not show up in the CBS menu. The transmission fluid quality can be reset with Bavarian Technic from the Commands selecting on these transmissions.

Service Reminder Indicator

Bavarian Technic

For E46, E39, E53, E83, E85 vehicles. Service Reset Indicator (SRI) is the service reminder system used on previous generation vehicles. To reset the service reminder with Bavarian Technic:

  • Select Reset Service Reminder from the commands windows in the instrument cluster.


The service reset can be reset manualy with the follwing steps:

  1. With the ignition off, press and hold the trip meter reset or set/reset button on the instrument cluster.
  2. While holding the trip meter reset or set/reset button, turn the ignition to position 1.
  3. Wait for the instrument cluster to signal a “RESET” request, then release and immediately press and hold the trip meter reset or set/reset button.
  4. The service interval reset has now been initiated; "RESET" will now begin to flash.
  5. Quickly press the trip meter reset button to reset the S.I. to the next service due.
  6. Switch the ignition off then back on to verify that five green bars or correct mileage is displayed.
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