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On this page you can find information about how to replace brake pads on several BMW models.

General Information

Brake pad replacement with brake discs is most common due to the construction of the brake pads and discs, the two will usually wear out at the same time. It is recommended to replace the brakes shortly after the brake lining warning lamp is illuminated. The lamp will illuminate when the brake pad thickness has reached 3mm, which is the minimum thickness recommended for replacement. The driver is alerted that the brake pad thickness is at minimum by a sensor that is installed between the brake pad and brake disc. The initial type of brake pad sensor only alerts the driver when the pads were due for replacement, a vehicle with CBS (Condition Based Service) the sensor is a multistage sensor which monitors the thickness as the brake pad wears. The vehicle then can calculate an approximate mileage until the brake pads will be due for replacement. There is one brake pad sensor installed per axle, one sensor at the left front and one sensor at the right rear. When replacing the brake pads also be sure to inspect the condition of the brake disc at this time. If the brake discs have large grooves worn into them or a large lip on the edge of the disc or maybe the vehicle is even exhibiting a shimmy in the steering wheel while braking, replacing the brake discs at this time will ensure continued brake peformance. Each brake disc is stamped with a minimum thickness that recommends when to replace the brake disc. The minimum thickness stamped on the brake discs is expressed in millimeters (mm) and is different for each type of brake disc for each different model. When replacing the brakes be sure to clean all the components including the hub, brake caliper and caliper mounting bracket. Apply anti-seize or brake pad paste to all non-friction material contact points. The brake pad sensor needs to be replaced each time a brake pad replacement is performed. If the rear brakes are being replaced, inspect the condition of the parking brake shoes for appropriate thickness and cracking while the rear discs are removed.



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