Brake Squeak on Light Brake Application

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Vehicles Affected

  • E60, E61 - 5 Series
  • E63, E64 - 6 Series


When lightly applying the brake, usually at low speeds, a high-pitched squeak noise will be heard from the front or rear axle or even both.


The design of the brake pad wear sensor causes the high-pitched squeak noise as it comes in contact with the brake disc. To determine if the brake pad sensors are causing the noise, remove the sensor/s from the brake pads and tie back out of the way. Test drive the vehicle and note whether the squeak is still present. If the squeak is still present, further inspection and lubrication of the contact points may be required.


If the squeak is no longer present after removing the sensors, then the brake pads and sensor of the affected axle/s should be replaced. The replacement sensor is an updated design that eliminates the squeak noise on light application. After replacing the brake pads and sensor the CBS data will have to be reset for the particular set of brakes replaced.

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