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Is a generation of radios with access to increased functions. Including functions for Navigation, basic radio functions, telephone, DSP and start-inhibit function.

Accessing Service Mode

Board Monitor with regular screen:

  1. Begin by turning the radio on.
  2. Locate the RDS button and press and hold for 8 Seconds.
  3. Use the < > station search buttons to navigate through functions.
  4. End the service mode by turning off the radio.

Board Monitor w/ Widescreen:

  1. Begin by turning the radio on.
  2. Before 8 seconds has lapsed, press the INFO button.
  3. Withing the INFO screen select the RDS function.
  4. Press the BC control knob and hold for 8 seconds.
  5. Navigate through the functions using the < > station search buttons.
  6. End the service mode by turning off the radio.

Information obtained through the service functions:

  • Serial number of the radio.
  • Software version of the radio, shown in wk/yr and version.
  • Speed-sensative volume displayed as GAL, adjustment levels 1-6, not equipped with DSP.
  • Signal strength and quality, displayed F for strength and Q for quality. used for testing purposes
  • Displayes whether DSP is fitted. Value of 1 if fitted, 0 if not fitted.
  • Adjustment of traffic report volume, not used in the US.
  • Tracking of alternative frequencies, not use in the US.
  • Is used to select market area preset buttons.(e.g. USA, Europe, Canada, Japan)
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