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Bluetooth pairing procedure for I-bus vehicles:

  1. Obtain the Bluetooth passkey from the insert of the owner's manual or from the TCU control unit itself.
  2. With the ignition off, prepare your phone for the pairing procedure. Be sure that the phone's Bluetooth power is “ON”.
  3. Buckle your seatbelt.
  4. Turn the ignition on. Pairing takes place within the first 2 minutes of the ignition being turned on.
  5. Press the R/T button on the steering wheel controls. The message “Activate Phone” will appear on the radio or the instrument cluster.
  6. Set the phone to “Search for Devices.”
  7. Enter the Bluetooth passkey. After entering this number the phone will pair to the vehicle.
  8. The phone will then ask whether you want to connect the phone to the vehicle. Select “Yes” or “Connect”. At this point, the phone will connect to the vehicle and start downloading the phonebook to the vehicle. The loading of the phonebook could take up to 20 minutes to complete depending on the number of entries.
  9. Perform a phone call via hands-free system through the vehicle to check the pairing.


Bluetooth pairing procedure for vehicles with RAD2:

  1. Prepare your phone for the pairing procedure. Be sure that the Bluetooth power is “ON” and the “Search for Devices” selection appears in your mobile phone.
  2. Turn the car's ignition on and press the “Menu” button on the radio.
  3. Highlight the “Phone” option in the display; press the rotary knob to select the “Phone” option.
  4. "Searching for devices" is then displayed in the radio; press the button under the “BT” selection.
  5. Press the corresponding button under the “PAIR” display.
  6. The message “Bluetooth pairing” is now displayed. On the mobile phone, select “Search for Devices”.
  7. The VIN will appear in the mobile phone display and request bonding to the vehicle. Select “Yes” to bond to vehicle.
  8. “Device Ready” is now displayed at the radio. Select the button under “Add” and enter the desired passkey and select “OK”.
  9. Now you will be requested to enter that same passkey into the mobile phone.
  10. The mobile phone is now paired to the vehicle and will begin to download the phonebook.
  11. Perform phone call via hands-free function to verify Bluetooth operation.
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