BMW Car & Key Memory

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Car & Key Memory


  • Car & Key Memory for BMW depends on county, model, year and version.
  • Not all settings are described in the car's manual
  • You can get a Car & Key Memory list. Not all settings are described.
  • Often the BMW dealership does not know the meaning off all the Car Y Key Memory settings

Most common settins for Car & Key Memory

  • Fueleconomy liters per 100 km → kilometers per liter
  • Anti-carjack → All doors lock when driving away
  • Automatic central locking after accidentally unlock
  • Optic signal Anti theft system → Blinklight blink one time when locking and two times when unlocking
  • Coming home light → Lights stay on for 40, 90, 150 or 240 seconds
  • Acoustic signal key → Sound when the key at the ignition and the driver door is open
  • PDC → When selecting reverse gear the buzzer gives 1x a sound
  • Airco on → Airco switches on as soon key is on ignition
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