Airbag Lamp on, Faults with Seat Mat

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Airbag Lamp Illuminated with Seat Occupancy Mat Faults

E90, E91 -3 Series
E83 -X3
E85 -Z4
E60, E61 -5 Series
E53 -X5
E63, E64 -6 Series
E65, E66 -7 Series

Up to November 2005


The airbag lamp is illuminated in the instrument cluster. Faults stored in the MRS or satellite modules. Depending on the vehicle, these faults can be stored; 97E0, 93C3, 71, 95B8.


The seat occupancy mat for the passenger seat has fatigued. Micro cracks have developed in the side bolster section of the seat mat, causing the airbag warning lamp to illuminate. The faults may be intermittent or the faults are currently not present.

The seat occupancy mats should only be replaced with the updated seat occupancy detector mats.


The seat occupancy detection mat will require replacement. The new detection mat comes installed on new seat foam. The leather cover will have to be transferred from the old seat foam to the new updated mat/seat foam. Next the seat mat will have to be enabled to function properly.

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