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When performing repairs on an automatic transmission, the transmission fluid is lifetime fluid or replaced at 100,000 mile intervals. When performing repairs, it is recommended to save the fluid unless a service is being performed.

Fluid types

Each transmission takes a particular transmission fluid type. The fluid type is determined by the manufacturer. A sticker can be found adhered to the transmission pan stating the proper fluid type for that transmission. If the sticker is no longer recognizable or is missing, the proper fluid type can be determined by the year and model of vehicle and transmission manufacturer. Some common fluid types per manufacture are:


  • Dexron lll
  • ETL-7045E
  • ETL-8072B


  • Dexron lll
  • Esso LT71141
  • Shell LA2634

Filling procedure

After the repairs have been made, start by initially filling the transmission at the fill port on either side or the rear of the transmission.

  1. Begin by filling until the fluid runs out of the fill port, now insert the fill plug.
  2. Now connect to the vehicle with the Bavarian Technic and access the transmission control module. From here select Actual Values and the transmission temperature.
  3. Start the engine; raise the vehicle with the wheels off the ground.
  4. Run the transmission through all the gears R, N, D, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, holding each gear for a few seconds. #Now return the transmission to Park, engine still running, turn on the headlamps, A/C and blower motor on MAX.
  5. Raise the vehicle on the lift and monitor the transmission temperature. Once the transmission temperature is within 30 C – 50 C, start filling the transmission with fluid until it begins to pour out of the fill port. Wait 1 min. until the fluid is just trickling out of the fill port, insert the fill plug and tighten.
  6. Verify correct transmission operation and recheck for leaks.
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