2E81, 2E82, 2E83, 2E84, 2E85 Waterpump Malfunction

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This topic applies to

All Models with the N51, N52 or N52K engine

MSV80 DME Version



The service engine soon lamp may be illuminated and/or the engine is overheating and a check control message is displayed. The check control message displayed is red and states “Stop Vehicle-Engine Overheated


After performing a short test on the vehicle, one or more faults are stored in the DME,

  • 2E81
  • 2E82
  • 2E83
  • 2E84
  • 2E85

The water pump is defective or there is a malfunction with the power supply/ground circuit or no communication with the electric water pump.


Check for the correct voltages at the water pump.

  • Pin 1 - 12 volts
  • Pin 2 - 12 volts
  • Pin 3 - approx. 8 volts

If all the voltages are correct, replace the water pump. In the case where only faults 2E81 and 2E85 are stored, perform a battery reset and check the operation of the water pump. In the event of replacing the water pump, be sure to perform the bleeding procedure.

When replacing the water pump, the aluminum mounting bolts require replacement. Because the mounting bolts are made of aluminum they require a torque sequence that must be followed without fail. The aluminum bolts can be identified by the color blue on the head of the bolt. The aluminum bolts must always be replaced when removed because they are designed to be one-time use hardware. When installing the water pump, the aluminum bolts must be torqued to 10-15 Nm initially, then an angle torque of 90 degrees.

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