2D18 - Manipulation protection - air mass signal plausibility

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Manipulation Protection - Air Mass Signal Plausibility

This fault is triggered if an Aftermarket "piggyback" tuner control module is installed on the vehicles engine control unit or on the MAP sensor itself. This fault will be stored whether the modification is made at the MAP sensor or directly to the engine control unit and wiring. Vehicles with a certain level of programming will limit the engine torgue to 400 Nm if this fault is stored in the engine control unit to prevent engine damage.

When engine control unit is flashed with a new programming software this will also cause relevant OBD2 diagnostic functions to be limited or inoperative, for example electronic thermostat, evap. system and oxygen sensors. This may cause the vehicle not to pass state required emissions testing. Along with other inactive or incorrect operations of different vehicle systems, for example cruise control inoperative or excessive current draw on the vehicles electrical system. It can be determined that Aftermarket programming software is installed by checking the OBD readiness codes and verifying Evap. system isn't supported.

All models 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series and X5 with the N54 engine, MSD80 engine management system will generate this fault code (2D18) or fault symptoms if an aftermarket tuner control module or programming software are installed.

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